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Overview: A cylindrical roller bearing consists of an inner and/or outer ring, a roller retaining cage and a complement of controlled contour cylindrical rollers. Depending on the style of bearing, either the inner or the outer ring will have two roller guiding ribs. The other ring, separable from the assembly, has one rib or none. The ring with two ribs axially locates the position of the roller assembly. The diameters of these ribs may be used to support the roller cage. One of the ribs may carry light thrust loads when an opposing rib is provided in the mating ring.

• Sizes: 15 mm - 65 mm (0.5906 in. to 2.5591 in.) and 100 mm - 600 mm (4 in. - 27.20 in.).

• Markets: Power generation, oil field, mining and aggregate processing, gear drives and rolling mills.

• Features: Extensive product range for integration into heavy-duty industrial applications.

• Benefits: Accommodate heavy radial loads through expertly designed critical dimensions, such as roller and raceway diameter and contact geometry

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